Tubefreak Sale
My focus is on mastering primarily today, that's why I'm selling a big part of my guitar/recording gear. All items are shipped from the Netherlands, Europe. Payment is possible through paypal, bank transfer or cash. Everything is wired for 230V unless otherwise mentioned.

Please don't send PMs at a forum, but contact me directly at tubefreak-mastering@hotmail.com


MESA/Boogie Quad preamp – sold
All 8 tubes are NOS Tesla E83CC tubes (these are 100% identical to the Telefunken ECC803S and have nothing to do with JJ tubes). This makes a HUGE difference and brings the highly acclaimed preamp to an even higher level. The tubes alone cost over 250 euro’s! Comes with a Nobels MS-8 midi switcher. You can connect a midi foot controller to it or just switch manually.


Audio Arts 4200A vintage analog EQ – on holdeuro
Unfortunately one channel suddenly lacks bass, probably a bad capacitor. There for the price is dropped from 299 to 199. The other channel still sounds fantastic: BIG, FAT & ANALOG

Vintage parametric EQ, great authentic analog character  that can’t be found in plugins or most modern EQs. WORKS ON 120 volts.
Each channel has a bypass, 0.16 tot 2.0 octaves, -16dB to + 16dB of gain and 4 frequencies:
22hz to 300hz or 220hz to 3khz
22hz to 300hz or 220hz to 3khz
100hz to 1.0khz or 1khz to 10kHz
180hz to 2.1khz or 1.8khz to 21khz




Telco vintage high / low pass filter F101 – 249 euro
This vintage German mono laboratory filter uses very high quality parts. Just look at the detailed pics and start drooling. The unit is modified to accommodate unbalanced in and output and operates in band pass mode. The left side determines the high pass filter and the right the low pass filter. It can easily be modified to separate channels of dedicated low pass and high pass filters.

The precision of this unit is unbelievable for an analog unit. A 6 position rotary switch selects the freq range. The manual adjustment slowly and precisely adjusts the turn over frequency and according analog meter. If you look at the inside pics you’ll see that the frequency adjustment knob mechanically operates 5 potentionmeters! This is superbly build and must have costs a fortune when it came out.


SPL Optimizer EQ – sold
Very interesting EQ with unique features.

- dual band stereo EQ or 4 band mono EQ
- low pass / band pass / high pass filter / parametric / notch
- -12dB to +12dB gain range
- Q between 1.5 tot 0.2
- freq range from 10Hz to 2.4kHz, 16 to 3.3k, 34 to 7.1k or 112 to 23kHz
- output gain of -80 tot +5dB



These units are known for it’s great sound. What set’s this one apart from the rest are the modifications:
- variable tube distortion added
- tubes replaced with NOS ECC81 tubes by RFT/Muhlhausen
- input circuit replaced with high-end Burr Brown OPA2604
- output circuit replaced with high-end Burr Brown OPA2134
- buffer circuit replaced with MC38078N
- upgraded power supply

With these mods the unit sounds like non other and is great for mastering or other stereo audio applications. The unique variable tube distortion is added and will give you everything from clean warm tube sound, to controlled tube edge and even full 100% tube distortion. Great for adding character to digital recordings, drums, synths, backing vocals, etc. Due to the modifications, the compression only works in stereo mode. In dual mono (unlinked) mode, only the right side has an active compression circuit. Killer unit, the reason I part with it is because I have several other high-end tube units.


AMR Peavey VMP2 dual tube mic preamp with TELEFUNKEN / RFT tubes– soldeuro
Famous AMR Peavey tube preamp, with great authentic tube sound. Search the web and you’ll find only good reviews. The tubes in this unit are upgraded to get the best possible tube sound.

Each channel has a highly sought after TESLA E83CC tube (these are 100% identical to the Telefunken ECC803S and have nothing to do with JJ tubes),  two NOS RFT ECC83 (great lows and mids), and one RFT ECC81 (great balanced sound). These tubes make a huge difference and enhanced the quality of the EQ as well. The price of tubes alone is around 200 euro’s!


Peavey Tube Sweetener – 199 euro
Great distortion unit to add some character to dull/digital sound sources.
Works on 120 volts.


Marshall SE100 - sold euro - RESERVED

is a great piece of gear and is very wanted for their sound. It has a 100 watt loadbox, powersoak, power attenuator with several output options and of course the speaker sim options. Excellent condition, very sturdy build and gives great recording results. Thanks to the perfect analog design the speaker sim sounds warmer and more realistic then most digital speaker sims.

For more details check http://www.marshallamps.com/downloads/files/SE100%20hbk.pdf.

Sony CD Architect 4 - 60 euro
Mastering software, produces CDs to Red Book standard, easy to use, complete with sony plugins, original box and manual.


5x BFE Filtek SB3
These are great vintage mono limiter cards with big Haufe trafo’s and a very good sound. Function wise it's very close to the Hoff Dynamic Master, but with added sound quality thanks to the transformers.

One set of 2x BFE Filtek SB3 = 99 euro
One set of 2x BFE Filtek SB3 + 1 BFE Filtek SB3 with broken voltage stabilizer (easy fix) + factory manual/schematic = 125 euro